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Removing Weary On the island of Kayangan

Sulawesi - Want a vacation or unwind with family or business associates you? there is no harm in Makassar City so you're in a vacation choice. Why is that? Because of that and the Makassar South Sulawesi provincial capital, which is one of the areas in this archipelago that has not a bit of nautical tourism idol, particularly in eastern Indonesia.
Pulau Kayangan for example, that one of the rooms tourist island 'beautiful' that affection for missed while you vacation there. Although Makassar has a number of island tours, such as the island Samalona & Kodingareng, but a perfect pass Kayangan island also named as an island tour.
Island Travel Kayangan
Yes because it offers many tourist island of beauty, among others; western coastal area facing the sea just off the island heaven, blue sea and sunset disore HRI so a panorama that very scintillating.
While if you are on the east, the island is faced immediately with the port of Makassar, you'll watch the boat activity which deliver passengers to and fro. Similarly the lights to midnight HRI, so the views of the Enchantress.


For traveled on this island access is really lightly, and when visitors just need approximately 15 minutes sail from the dock Husus crossings along utilize a motor boat. Pier to the island of Kayangan is located in Ujungpandang or rather in front of Fort Rotterdam Makassar.
While the matter of budget, you need not spend deeply. Yeah, just pay the ticket along with approximately 20 thousand, visitors can be delivered and picked up back together harmoniously motor boat schedule which has been listed on the ticket.
Arriving on the island, the waves of the sea wind was able to meet the presence of tourists, and the softness of white sand on the island who can 'force' created immediately dropped from a motor boat.

Tools and Media

Well despite Kayangan island belonging to a tiny island, but do not let this tourist island salah.Lantaran been equipped featured along with various facilities, such as; lodging, residential dining, dock until the cafe.
And for visitors who have a hobby of diving, but do not take scientific equipment, do not need confusion. Because in this area, diving equipment rental services available with a relatively affordable price.
Not only that. But time adventure on the island, visitors also is still able to open with family and friends via the Internet, because in this Kayangan island WiFi facilities available in many areas. Fun right?

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